Our application

Due to the numerous collaborations developed over the years with well-known manufacturers, the products distributed by Grosvenor meet the most demanding applications of customers in industries of electronics and electrical engineering, automotive, metal processing, textile and plastics.
Complete solutions for circuit assembly, cleaning and surface treatment, packing and marking, personal protection solutions are part of high-quality products and services delivered in the shortest time.

Our services

The experience gained in over 10 years of work helped us to understand customer needs and we can develop a proactive attitude by stock predictions based on direct communication with the customer or through the Vendor Managed Inventory system. Our services have emerged as a natural response to customer needs and professional support for stocks, taking into account the dynamism of the industries we serve
As a result we managed to implement the package of customized products and services specific to each partner and we also managed to create a permanent stock portfolio to respond to any request within 48 hours. All these are part of our program of continuous improvement and we are confident that our partners will help us in this direction with new challenges

Our Partners